Nature gives and then takes away

The tailwinds that helped push us across New Mexico turned to fierce head winds the past two days in Oklahoma. Yesterday’s 125 miles to Woodward, OK far exceeded our most difficult ride to date with 20-30 MPH headwinds the ENTIRE DAY! At least at home on an out and back course or a loop course, the winds will sometimes be favorable. That was not the case yesterday.

Today didn’t start out much better with a light drizzle and then more persistent light rain dampened our morning and lead to the most serious crash of our trip. Wet pavement caused a rider to fall and injury his hip. The rain stopped in the afternoon but the head winds returned, only not as strong as yesterday. Even so, we had nearly 10 hours of riding to cover 117 miles. This was more than scheduled due to a wrong turn for three miles before we corrected our error.

More wind and rain is expected for tomorrow so our streak of good weather is officially over. Somehow, we have to make it across Oklahoma. Here is a photo from yesterday’s ride.

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