Dr. Lyle Fettig

What would you want out of your healthcare team if you were faced with a serious illness? I would want doctors, nurses, and others who I can trust to provide the highest quality of care that takes into account my personal values and concerns. At Eskenazi Health, I trust my primary care and subspecialty colleagues to deliver this type of care. When my colleagues ask our Palliative Care Team to see a patient, I am honored to join the care team and witness the work they have already started .

Our team provides patients and families with an extra edge. Facing a serious illness can be scary, and even when a person receives the highest quality of care, there is either uncertainty about the future or an unwanted certainty. We apply all of our expertise and experience towards helping people through the fear, whether the outcome is certain or uncertain.

People frequently tell me they take things “day by day” because tomorrow is not given. While others may focus intensively on the question, “what is the best way to treat this person’s disease,” the Palliative Care Team asks “what can we do to make TODAY the best day it can be?” Both questions are important and our team helps make sure that both are addressed with a high level of focus and expertise.

As director of the IU School of Medicine Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship, I am proud that our Eskenazi Health Palliative Care Team is the flagship site for our fellowship. Our physician trainees learn not only from our physician faculty, but also from our dedicated interdisciplinary team who meets the above goals from all angles.

Thank you for your support of Eskenazi Health’s Palliative Care Program.