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We would like to give a special thanks to the Glasscock Family Foundation for their generous support! This 160 mile ride across Indiana is to raise awareness for the seriously ill, as well as to remember those that we have lost. We are also looking to raise 50,000 dollars by the 21st of July. Through interactions with our patients, we have identified three important areas that will benefit our patients:

· No One Dies Alone (NODA) – this is a new program that we hope to implement for our patients who have no loved ones close by. Through volunteers, we hope to provide companionship and vigils for our dying patients. We believe that each life is important and we want to make sure that our patients, who would otherwise leave this world alone, feel that someone, indeed, cares.
· Bereavement Program – for those patients who are fortunate to have loved ones close by, we would like them to know that their families and friends will be comforted when they are gone. Our Palliative Care Team recognizes that grief has physical, social, and behavioral dimensions that often require professional attention. In order for us to provide comprehensive palliative care for our city’s less fortunate, we need to enhance our existing bereavement services.
· Memorial Services – these services are held in memory of our departed patients. They offer our patients’ families and our Wishard community opportunity to remember, reflect, and honor our patients.

All money raised will go towards funding each of these areas. I am hoping that you and your colleagues can help us reach our goal.

Donations can be made by:
· Check sent to the Eskenazi Health Foundation Attention: Palliative Care Program #642, 1001 W 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202.
· Online at Wishard Palliative Care Program / Bereavement Program In the upper right hand corner of the header, click Donate, which will pull up the Registration screen. After you register, click continue to make a donation. You can reference the account with either Wishard Palliative Care Program / Bereavement or account #642.

Road Less Traveled

One of the things our team members will share with you, as we introduce them in the “Featured Rider Profiles,” is their favorite training ride.  So far, Chuck and Kevin Reidy have said that they like to ride on the Cardinal Greenway.  Pete Fritz prefers riding in rural MI. 

Some good websites for bike routes in IN are:

Help our riders mix up their training regimen.  Tweet your favorite ride to @ride2remember #MyFavBikeRide.