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Eskenazi Health Cycling team Member Kathy Cummins

Posted by Dustin L. Gilmer

Kathy Cummins

Cummins waves to the camera as she rides a 29 mile training ride with the Bloomington Bicycle Club and fellow Eskenazi Health Ride to Remember teammate.

Kathy Cummins has been a member of the Eskenazi Health cycling team for four years. During those four years She has participated in both the Ride Across Indiana and Ride to Remember.

Cummins began participating in the Ride to Remember event during its’ third year. Her reason for riding is to “Remember, and ride with good friends.”

Cummins says her favorite place to ride is any route that takes her down Kerr Creek Hill on the East side of Bloomington, Ind. She says her favorite moment on a ride came during R2R5 last year when autocorrect on her smartphone got the best of her. Cummins meant to send her daughter a message letting her known she was participating in the RAIN event and also to let her know she was at the Plainfield rest stop. Auto correct sent the message that read, “Riding Rain. At painful now.”

When asked what her favorite cycling quote was, she replied, “I’m not a sprinter. I’m not a climber.” Cummins got this quote from a cycling YouTube video entitled **** Bikers Say. Cummins says she likes this quote because because it gives her strength when she tries to sprint or climb. She also says, “it reminds me of how crazy, silly, jargony, dedicated, single-minded and serious bikers are about their sport.”

The sixth Annual Ride to Remember to honor Eskenazi Health Palliative Care patients that have passed away in the last year will take place on July 11.