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Glick Sponsors 6th Ride to Remember

The Eskenazi Health Palliative Care event Ride to Remember will once again be sponsored by the Glick Family Foundation.

The Glick family is known throughout Indiana for its philanthropy. Gene and Marilyn Glick instilled philanthropic values in their own family and in the company they created, the Gene B. Glick Company. Today, members of the Glick family and the Gene B. Glick Company continue the tradition of generosity that Gene and Marilyn started.

The Glick Fund is focused on making a measurable impact four key areas,

• Increasing educational opportunities
• Promoting arts and creative expression
• Supporting efforts toward self-sufficiency
• Alleviating human suffering and helping those in need

Working with Central Indiana Community Foundation staff, The Glick Fund Advisors proactively seek organizations that align with The Glick Fund impact areas and CICF’s three broader community leadership initiatives of: Family Success & Making Connections, Inspiring Places, and College Readiness—initiatives aimed at making Central Indiana one of the best places in the nation to live, work, and raise a family.

Eskenazi Health Palliative Care is proud to partner with the Glick Family Foundation to honor the memory of past patients under the care of the palliative care program. The partnership will allow for continued growth for the Eskenazi Health Palliative Care program. The Ride to Remember will take place July 11, in Terre Haute, Ind. A team of 25 cyclists will ride 160 miles to Richmond, Ind. to both raise money for Eskenazi Health Palliative Care program and to honor the patients who have passed away during the last year.

Paul Green Returns to Eskenazi Health Cycling Team for 2nd Ride to Remember Event

Paul Green
Eskenazi Health Palliative Care program welcomes Paul Green to the Eskenazi Health Cycling team as he prepares for the Ride to Remember.

Green will ride along side 25 other Eskenazi Health cyclist as they ride in the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN). The ride stretches 160 miles from Terre Haute, Ind. to Richmond, Ind.

These 25 Eskenazi Health cyclists are riding in memory of the patients that the Eskenazi Health Palliative Care Program has cared for over the past year. It is also an opportunity to raise money for the contiuation of the growing palliative program.

Green says his favorite training route is his morning commute to work at Eskenazi Health from the Northern Hamilton County loops.

Green says there are three reasons he chooses to participate in the Ride to Remember, One; to remember the patients palliative care has cared for, two; he has an obbsession with anything that has two wheels and three; because he can!

Green’s favorite cycling quote is, “Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.” – H.G. Wells

Allan Edmonds Returns to Eskenazi Health Cycling Team for Ride to Remember 6

Posted by Dustin L. Gilmer

Allen EdmondsEskanazi Health Palliative Care cycling team welcomes Allan Edmonds as he prepares for his fifth Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) and fourth time participating in Ride to Remember event in honor of Eskenazi Palliative Care patients.

Edmonds says his favorite training ride is either the Nashville 90 that takes place in Bloomington, Ind. or any other ride around the Bloomington area with his cycling friends.

Edmonds joined Eskenazi Health Cycling team for R2R6 to support and promote the Eskenazi Health Palliative Care program. Edmonds also participates to remember both a nephew and cousin who passed away this past year.

His favorite memory from a ride came from the most recent Nashville mile when the riders had to dismount the bikes, carry shoes, socks and bikes a quarter of a mile through thigh-deep, moving water.

Edmonds’ favorite cycling quote comes from Albert Einstein, “Life is like a bicycle, you must keep moving.”

R2R3: A Success!

After a delicious pasta dinner sponsored by SouthernCare on Friday night, the Wishard Palliative Cycling Team riders were ready to head out on a 160 mile ride from Terre Haute to Richmond in memory of over 400 patients that the Wishard Palliative Care Team has taken care of in the past year.  The 49 person team was joined by over 1200 other individuals on July 21 for this grueling trek across the state.

Thanks to all of our riders for their efforts in bringing awareness to Wishard Palliative Care and remembering our patients!

Dr. G holding the name cards that the R2R3 riders carried with them across the state of Indiana

Don’t Forget!

Go to and get your coupons to each out and help raise money for Wishard Palliative Care’s Bereavement Program, No One Dies Alone Program, and Memorial Services.

Tuesday: Moe’s Southwest Grill (10th and University)
Wednesday: Buffalo Wild Wings (6235 N. Guilford Ave., Broadripple)
Thursday: Noodles and Company (10th and Indiana)

Remembering 700 at the end of RAIN 2011

Our team carried laminated cards with the names of more than 700 patients, family and friends who have died since our last Ride to Remember in 2009. Each team member rode 160 miles on Saturday, July 16th in their memory. To date, sponsors, friends and other well-wishers have contributed more than $17,000 to this year’s ride in support of our Palliative Care bereavement program!

Ride to Remember 2- July 16 2011
Vindetta B. Harold S. Mary N.
Regina C. Frank L. Sandra S.
Pearlie D. Don Juan M. Bernice M.
Doris M. Yvonne G. Scott H.
Leah M. Joseph W. Gary G.
Deloris M Mary J. Rick R.
Michael M. Susan V. Cheryl H.
Othella P. Michael B. J.T. T.
Christopher W. Morris W. Linda H.
Rebecca P. Delores C. Michael F.
Herman E. Lillie W. Ricky P.
Michael T. Alan C. Ross K.
Donald B. Alice M. Donzell G.
Deborah M. Dianna N. Kirk F.
Gordon S. Charles C. Edward B.
Ben C. Willie P. Bessie P.
Maurice B. Marcus A. Angela T.
Tummy R. Harold B. Charles G.
Barbara M. Teresa Q. Rhyman R.
Cynthia H. Devan T. Doffey B.
Isaah Y. Rodney G. Cynthia B.
Charles P. Scott S. Rosie S.
James B. Louis B. Rose C.
Mary J. April S. Mary S.
Nathan B. Michael S. Sharee F.
Dean Whitehead
Karyn B. Kenneth W. Dorothy S.
Felix E. Gordon G. Vasil M.
Renee S. Ifeolu A. Erna K.
Derek G. Walter D. Mary J.
Frank S. George W. Ovenia M.
Mary L. Brian H. Joseph H.
Robert W. Howard H. Lizzie B.
Richard J. Ulus W. Rita K.
Debbie B. Daisy H. Geraldine M.
Shirley H. Johnny J. Charles M.
Regina B. Gary S. Maxwell M.
Leo R. Booker D. Charles H.
Bobby W. James K. Dennis K.
Leslie W. Ralph H. Roosevelt H.
Josie B. Carol O. Harry G.
Ritchie P. Jacqueline D. Nicki P.
Kenneth W. John B. Janus B.
Florence G. Patty B. Robert F.
Daniel B. William C. Bobby G.
Karen W. Michael C. Eva G.
Carl P. Jessica M. Mitchell H.
Gwendolyn J. Joella W. Donna D.
Johnnie T. Paul G. Virgil B.
Dora J. MarLynn D. Lucille H.
William P. Henry D. Terry C.
Debra R. Linda B. Sally M.
James B. Milton W. Dennis W.
Shawn S. Phillip C. Leroy H.
Janine S. Jimmy M. Peggy F.
Deborah W. Ned K. Cigaree D.
Michael D. Jerry B. Morris Ajanice N..
Dwayne S. Jessie R. Dale B.
Ruby W. Phillip S. Walter H.
Mable N. Archie T. Hazel G.
Clara D. Gerorgia C. Enoch T.
Steven J. Alice L. Pamela P.
Frank M. Millie B. Roger D.
Claude S. Catheryn S. Sherry C.
Marshall T. Tiffany D. Augusta C.
Roberta B. Cesar R. Larry B.
Connie H. Roger T. Norman W.
Judy M. Mary F. Francisco B.
Bill A. Kantilae P. Nova W.
Julian S. Beverly M. Gwynne T.
Alverta T. Velma M. Gary J.
Yuseff D. Joseph D. John G.
Guadalupe C. Shirley G. Sharon M.
Raymond O. Earline H. Felicia L.
Brenda B. Susie W. Donna C.
Sharda S. Linda H. Jeannette H.
Charley Taylor
Wayne H. Jimmie B. Elizabeth M.
Karen H. Bernard J. Lawrence S.
Steven T. Archie P. Geraldine E.
Edwin F. Willie G. Wanda H.
Rodney H. Dorothea H. John S.
Denny V. Kenneth W. Vera W.
David C. Phyllis P. Mack K.
Dawn S. Guillermina R. William M.
Robert C. Bryan W. Alfreda S.
Amanda F. Joe G. Nancy H.
Leroy S. Robert B. Carlos E.
Catharine V. Judy M. Raymond I.
Larry R. Mildred M. Seoul S.
Samuel J. Jack T. Mary K.
Malyn M. Robert A. Alice S.
Cecil C. Delma L. John K.
Michael B. Robert P. Larry B.
Eugene R. William N. Thaddeus R.
Sammy T. Mary G. Eva F.
Myra B. Jamar P. Coada H.
Sylvia P. David G. Virgil W.
James P. Roy F. Edna S.
Mary C. Nancy A. Steven J.
Ana V. Janet K. Eunice H.
Eva S. Celia W. John F.
Paul C. Lucy G. Kathleen M.
Clarence G. William S. Maureen O.
Albert D. Barbara P. Phyllis D.
Elizabeth S. James B. Nuoit N.
Homer H. Frank P. Joseph R.
William B. David W. Patricia D.
Carlton G. Shaun Q. Samella S.
Charles L. James R. Edmond W.
Mario R. Edward B. John L.
Mauda N. Charles I. Richard V.
Mary H. Alfreda H. Man N.
Bennie T. James B. Amanda G.
Linda S. Caroline F. Joann S.
Onis G. Carl T. Wilma W.
Russell T. Onis G. John K.
Gertrude H. Nahil E. Wayne S.
Horace K. JoAnn C. Jerry B.
Ernest C. Ronald R. Dorothy L.
Ray M. Dale S. Lula F.
Richard S. Veronica G. Billie K.
Cornelius M. Anthony E. Steve H.
Larry P. Mackey K. Christopher W.
Jonathon S. Jason A. Barbara C.
Oddie L. Roland G. Juan R.
Willie R. Carol T. Jacqueline W.
Donetta D. Rosie P. Charles S.
Iva W. Laura F. Danny S.
Nancy B. Kimberly D. Michael B.
Mamie L. Joseph B. Jerry R.
Jim B. Yebgenia P. Eva H.
Jarrett T. James P. Luther P.
Clarence K. Timothy R. Nannie B.
Jane W. Mary L. Darrell L.
John G. Rickey C. Octavina M.
Pearl J. Christopher M. Michelle M.
Roxana W. Lemont B. Walter W.
James B. Darrell W. Vernon S.
Booker F. Raymond C. Ernest S.
Ella B. Ralph V. Margaret T.
Tulla M. Jennifer F. Barbara O.
Glady S. Diane O. Gregory H.
Gary A. William “Tom” P. Edward C.
Ronald H. Elijah M. Douglas C.
Patricia D. Ronald C. Clifford R.
Truman N. Leroy T. Mary M.
Katie T. Lena C. Mary B.
Darrell D. Matilda H. Marie E.
Robert M. Rodney W. Robert A.
Jane M. Betty N. Beverly M.
Constance C. Blan G. Beverly R.
Larry T. Danny H. Dorthea A.
Michael M. Zoneice G. John C.
Frieda F. Walter R. Brett S.
Kenneth S. Willie W. Yada J.
John G. Donald W. Marian M.
Ronald M. Willie A. Sharon S.
Daniel H. Jeffrey M. Daniel M.
Sally S. Darrell C. John S.
Marcia R. Kelly H. Daniel P.
Clara E. Dick C. Steven G.
Vida H. Casey W. Mabel A.
Glen P. Betty P. Nellie S.
Beverly B. Kristi G. Robert C.
Eugene B. Margaret M. Yanzhen W.
Dale A. Daryle W. Erwin M.
Betty V. Doris D. Robert O.
William A. Chistopher F. Gunnar T.
ConstanceM. Mary H. Benjamin V.
James H. Maylon P. June S.
Kenneth T. Willie F. Gerald F.
Florence H. Randall L. Dana S.
Patrick L. Thomas C. Susanah M.
Wendy B. Sharon K. Evelyn S.
FG F. Rosa F. Monica S.
Edwin S. Roxie A. Thurston C.
Martina S. Dorothy M. Melody R.
Terry M. Richard B. Rex V.
Charlotte D. Michael D. Janet W.
Anita S. Brenda C. Lamont S.
Elsie T. Jeffery J. Mary O.
Jerry A. Charlie L. Estelle S.
Paul L. Kenneth S. Rita C.
Tom S. James W. Odessa F.
Christina S. Ronald M. Norman S.
Lawrence W. Shirley B. Jane B.
Lynn C. Charlotte W. Juanita C.
David P. Robert S. Arthur A.
Paul K. Rita H. Antonio M.
William J. David G. Daisy M.
Billy N. Janis L. Hosie B.
Yvonne P. Dorothy K. William L.
Linda M. Wayne R. Christopher F.
Robert D. John H. David R.
Irene R. William S. Ronald W.
Gerald M. Joe W. Omer T.
James C. Karen T. Truxton K.
Wayman G. Judith I. Raymond G.
Nathaniel K. Daniel C. Maggie M.
Mamie R. Sarah S. Doris A.
Larry L. Helen H. Angela W.
Gregory H. William L. Bennie P.
Raymond L. Brenda K. Ray T.
Virginia G. Mamie P. Gary S.
Martha R. David E. Roderic H.
Martha B. Emma M. Sheldon J.
Gerald L. Edith J, Steven H.
Maxine C. Ebby Z. Billy A.
Henrietta W. Roberta J. Patti F.
Delores P. Celeste F. Patricia P.
Judy P. Douglas C. Lonnie W.
Paul M. Glenous W. Clarence J.
Bessie R. Clara H. Anna B.
William R. Myrtle B. Charles B.
Louis G. David K. Electford E.
Ollie W. Benjamin S. Susan R.
Mable W. Sharon J. Henry S.
William S. Melinda S. Robert B.
Jesse B. Katherine S. Annie D.
Eli I. Floyd N. Alsie P.
Gene B. Samuel C. Mary W.
Mismak A. Thomas C. Mitchell P.
Linda F. Elizabeth U. John M.
Chrystene L. Anthony A. Stephanie G.
Daniel M. Philbert B. Augustine M.
Patricia M. Donald P. Francie C.
Elisha G. Judy W. Anna M.
Sylvia J Danny A. James W.
Patricia S. Randy H. Fred J.
Wayne S. Margaret W. Iris H.
Raymond L. Annabelle L. Paul F.
Jodie M. Christine D. Jane N.
Lemon S. Thomas D. Lucille B.
Jerry S. Vincente C. Alberta P.
Jerry R. Michael C. Rockie K.
Marion J. William T. Rheua H.
Jason K. Mia E. Patty L.
Sherwood J. Larrio A. Bobby H.
John M. Mary N. Sandra E.
Paul B. Danny H. Phil Boberschmidt
Bernice B. Paul H. Dr. Nathan Hellman
John P. Margaret M. John Becher
Norma W. Christy L. Brenda Christensen
Kip G. Patty L. Paul East
Jeannette M. Mack S. Lora Waters
Darrell P. Glenn S. Dennis K. Smith
James V. Henry R. Bill Betty and Theresa Ann Gasper
Ollie H. Dewayne H. Lois Healy
James A. Bruce H. Helena and Daniel McDevitt
Pauline G. James B.
Richard S. Mary H.

Day 39 (miles 3171-3280)

On this last day of his cross-country bicycle ride, Dr. Greg will ride 111 miles from Orangeburg to Charleston, South Carolina in memory of the following people. The final mile onto the Boardwalk at Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms is in memory of Larry Fleck:

Jeremy W
Robin W
Glenn W
Ida W
Louese W
Geraldine W
Johnnie W
Arnold W
Thomas W
Damon W
Alice W
Cleo W
Molly W
Robert W
Olivia W
Lillian W
Stanea W
Izetta W
Carol W
Arbutus W
Joe W
Clyde W
Ila W
Ruth W
Patricia W
Jill W
Scott W
Vera W
James W
Catherine W
Gerald W
Rose W
Mary W
Timothy W
Xing X.
John Y.
Dennis Y
David Y
Michael Y
Phillip Y
Helmut Y
Carl Y
Frances Y
Julie Y
Glenna Y
Robert Y
Belinda Y
Kathy Y
Ot Y
Lonnie Y
Dwayne Y
Joyce Y
Harold Y
Dorothy Y
James Y
Mary Y
Robert Y
Dennis Y
Lorraine Y
Francis Y
Anna Y
Larry Fleck

Day 38 (miles 3057-3170)

Today, Wednesday, October 21, 2009, Dr. Greg will ride 123 miles from Union to Orangeburg, South Carolina in memory of the following people:

Dolly W.
Dewey W.
Xavier W.
Gladys W.
Ethel W.
Gladys W.
Helen W.
Suzi W.
Ruth W.
Dr. David Wilcox
Glenn W.
Donald W.
Opal W.
Hazel W.
Paul W.
Edward W.
Mary W.
Mark W.
Perrine W.
Dorothy W.
Mary W.
Nola W.
Annetta W.
Jaime W.
Marsha W.
Cynthia W.
Sherry W.
Lula W.
Bernice W.
Willie W.
Edward W.
Harrietta W.
Stanley W.
Michael W.
James W.
Ralph W.
Robert W.
Paulette W.
George W.
Kelvin W.
Duke W.
Edmond W.
Leola W.
Marjorie W.
Nancy W.
Naomi W.
Nennetta W.
Ruby W.
Albert W.
Renard W.
Dorothy W.
Virgil W.
Vernie W.
Cecil W.
Robert W.
Pearlie W.
Gwen W.
Joseph W.
Joseph W.
Robbie W.
Duncan W.
Margaret W.
Shirley W.
Constance W.
Mary W.
James W.
Carolyn W.
Norvella W.
George W.
Patricia W.
Dorothy W.
J.D. W.
Willie W.
Strand W.
Rosalind W.
Sheila W.
Sandra W.
Marilyn W.
Cory W.
Fredrick W.
Dorothy W.
Emmett W.
Johnny W.
Kenneth W.
Rollin W.
Donald W.
Jerry W.
James W.
Lillie W.
Louise W.
Nealie W.
Rheta W.
Sandra W.
Geneva W.
Stella W.
Richard W.
Britannica W.
Harold W.
Jacqueline W.
Robert W.
Betty W.
Sally W.
James W.
Curtis W.
Lillie W.
Rita W.
Lois W.
Ruth W.
Melvin W.
Donna W.
Dorothy W.
Harold W.
Robert W.
Robert Wolen

Day 37 (miles 2953-3056)

Today, on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, Dr. Greg will ride 104 miles from Asheville, North Carolina to Union, South Carolina in memory of the following people:

August Watanabe
Bard Beesley
John W
Taylor W
Susie W
Laura W
Brian W
Lue W
Michael W
Sampson W
Cheryl W
William W
Barbara W
Kenneth W
Mancie W
Sebran W
Phyllis W.
Jerry W
Maxine W
Larry W
Rochella W
George W
Violet W
Finch W
Clarence W
Henrietta W
Gerald W.
William W
Becky W
Daeshawn W
Linda W
Annette W
Clifton W
Azeliz W
Dovie W
Gordon W
Frank W
Freda W
Sandra W
Irene W
Andrew W
Wilbur W
Isele W
Tracey W
James W
Pamela W
Charlie W
Charlie W
Frank W
Reba W
Jessie W
Algene W
Johnny W
Mary W
Timothy W
Paula W
Randall W
Eddie W
Pamela W
Evelyn W
James W
Robert W
Marjorie W
David W
Robert W
Barbara W
Walter W
Charles W
Mary W
Eloise W
Michael W
Darrell W
Deborah W
Rodney W
Kennis W
Phyllis W
Rose W
Raymond W
Clifford W
Davis W
Ethel W.
Mattie W
Glendell W
Willie W
Betty W
Joe W
Henry W
Barbara W
Viola W
Fred W
James W
Murray W
Al W
Linda W
Cora W
Stanley W
Lonnie W
Ansil W
Sandra W
Nancy W
James W
Robert W
Willie W
Kevin W
Arletta W
Marcia W