We Finish Tomorrow

It’s difficult to believe that our ride ends tomorrow…only 111 miles to the Isle of Palms and the Atlantic Ocean outside of Charleston, South Carolina. At times it seems as if it was a quick trip but then I look over at my suitcase that I’ve been living out of since September 11th and I realize that it has taken us a LONG TIME to cross the country.

After a dip in the Pacific Ocean at Santa Barbara, we rode the Pacific Coast Highway, Angeles National Forest, the Mojave Desert, north into Arizona and the Grand Canyon, Navejo, Ute and other Indian Reservations, Monument Valley, through the San Juan Mountains, the Tusas Mountains and Carson National Forest, across the Rio Grande River Gorge, through Cimmaron Canyon State Park, through Sugarite Canyon State Park onto the Great Plains, thorough the Kiowa and Rita Blanca National Grasslands, through the Optima National Wildlife Refuge, through Boiling Springs State Park, through the Osage Indian Reservation, through Mark Twain National Forest and the Ozarks, into the Mississippi Valley and a ferry ride across the Mississippi to Kentucky, then across the Tennessee River and the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, through Nashville and onto the Cumberland Plateau, along the Little River and into the Great Smokey Mountains, across the Newfound Gap, Blueridge Parkway, Pisgah Forest, Sumpter National Forest, and then tomorrow over the Cooper River Bridge with views of Charleston and it’s Harbor before arriving at the Isle of Palms and the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ve pedaled nearly 3200 miles in order to remember our very special patients, family and friends who will remain with us forever. Another 111 miles on this last day for 111 souls until our finish at the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to the home team for all of their work and for making this trip possible. You’re the BEST!

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