Soaked on the way to Branson

Yesterday’s ride was only 90 miles (I never thought that I would say that) but rain soaked us for most of the day. Despite hard rain and wind just before lunch, Kryptonite Katherine and I were lucky enough to get to the trailer first. We enjoyed our meal in soggy bike clothes sitting in the back of the trailer. When the other riders came in, they said we looked like a couple of stow-aways trying to hide.

The rain subsided enough, to just a drizzle, that we decided to ride the rest of the way into Branson. It was a hilly (7000+ feet of climbing), wet and cool ride even after finding some dry clothes to wear. I decided to ride without socks since I didn’t have a dry pair and my shoes were already soaked. Having 90 patient names in my back pocket gave me the determination to finish the ride.

I couldn’t help but think of the wet, rainy days that so many of our patients had to endure during their life. I imagined our homeless patients who spent many days without a dry or warm place to sleep. I thought of our patients who died in prison where everyday must seem cold and cloudy. And of course, I thought of our many geriatric patients who live out their lives in urban nursing homes with few visitors, family or friends. They must feel soaked all the time.

So, yesterday’s ride was a gift for me to remember these special souls who enriched my life by allowing me to help care for them.

Today’s photo was taken by Nadia Butler and matched what I saw through my rain-soaked glasses as we pedaled into town. You can see some of her other wonderful pictures of Oklahoma on our Facebook Fan page. Thanks Nadia!

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