Leaving Oklahoma

After nearly 2000 miles of bicycle riding, we will leave Oklahoma tomorrow. We’ve nearly reached the 2/3rds mark and everyone is intact except for our intrepid guide, Big Wave Dave. Dave took a spill on wet pavement a couple days ago trying to hold our group together. It happened right in front of me and it didn’t look too bad at first.

However, he was unable to resume riding and after xrays in Enid, OK we learned that he had a small fracture in the greater trochanter. No surgery, just crutches for five days and no bicycle riding for one month. For now, he is staying with our tour and cheering us on with his usual gusto. Here is a picture of the Big Wave at lunch today. It was a good day of riding–73 mile “recovery” ride. We have 113 miles on tap for tomorrow.

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