About the Ride

Ten years ago, Wishard Hospital established a Palliative Care Program to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to every patient and family faced with life limiting conditions. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary and to memorialize more than 3000 patients who we have cared for, Dr. Greg Gramelspacher will attempt to ride his bicycle 3,280-miles across the United States. Dr. Greg’s Ride To Remember is a testament to the deep impressions made by the many patients whose lives have touched the staff of Wishard’s program, and to the core principles of Palliative Care.

Every person, regardless of financial and personal circumstances, deserves to spend his or her final days free of pain and distressing symptoms supported by a loving team of caregivers who are committed to non-abandonment. Each mile of Dr. Greg’s ride is dedicated to a patient or to someone’s loved one. Beginning September 14th, this website’s blog will share some of the most inspirational stories of these unforgettable patients and their families. Each story for the Ride To Remember testifies to the courage, love, and strength of those who have touched the lives of the Wishard Palliative Care team.

Palliative care is not about death and dying, but rather about life and living, helping each person enjoy the fullness of life until the last breathe is gone.

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